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Ok. I am rebooting the number of music videos I’ve made. So, this is my first one and it’s for i saw 43 sunsets. Enjoy!


James Cameron doesn’t want any more Greek in the UK.

James Cameron doesn’t want any more Greek in the UK.

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This is funny, good job!


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my Path (February – work in progress)


Filmed using an iPhone 4 and “Path”
Music: Judith Selena Prendergas – Remember

I started using the “Path” application on my iPhone around February. I loved the video (+hipster effects) feature. Although the video quality is really bad, I found it, in its way, nice. Something like a digital 8mm video. So I decided to shoot at least a video a day with it, for year and then at the end combine them all together to form a little movie. Like a time capsule. I couldn’t wait for a year to pass, so I deciced to upload montly versions of the video.

This is February combined. A video (or more) per day for 29 days.

The music was a rough recording I made in October 2010, at Brockwood Park School, with Judith Selena Prendergast (age 17 at the time) of a song titled “Remember” that she has composed. I somehow found it to fit the project.

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The Network society, a short film about the amazing changes brought by the internet and an amazing coming future.

Some food for thought before another Saturday night out!

Very VERY interesting

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Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

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The Deleted City

The Deleted City is a beautiful visual exploration and a digital archeology project from a designer chap named Richard Vijgen, takes the neighbourhood metaphor of now-defunct web host GeoCities very seriously - with an interactive street map of the ghost town.

“Around the turn of the century, Geocities had tens of millions of “homesteaders” as the digital tennants were called and was bought by Yahoo! for three and a half billion dollars. Ten years later in 2009, as other metaphors of the internet (such as the social network) had taken over, and the homesteaders had left their properties vacant after migrating to Facebook, Geocities was shutdown and deleted. In an heroic effort to preserve 10 years of collaborative work by 35 million people, the Archive Team made a backup of the site just before it shut down. The resulting 650 Gigabyte bittorrent file is the digital Pompeii that is the subject of an interactive excavation that allows you to wander through an episode of recent online history.”


Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

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Ρ. Γεροξούρας

Το Ίδρυμα

Αγαπώ Γεροξούρα


Ο Ρ. Γεροξούρας μιλάει στο Ίδρυμα για την “τεχνητή διόγκωση” του Ελληνικού ελλείμματος.